Quizzes: An Overview

Quizzes are also thought of as knowledge checks, activities, tests or exams. We chose the phrase “Quiz” to lessen the anxiety that people feel about those other words.

Top tip: It’s often easier to create questions before the quiz. See Adding Questions for details.

Find your quizzes by expanding the left-hand menu > Your Courses > Quizzes. Click the button “Add A New Quiz” to create a new quiz.

Quiz Page

Complete the form fields to create the outline of your quiz:

  • Quiz Title: the title of the quiz
  • Quiz Content: often a quiz doesn’t need anything here. If you add text, it is visible to the learner above every question. This can be useful if you have a scenario which needs to be referred to as the learners answer questions.
  • Submit: click this to save the quiz before moving onto the Builder tab.


The Builder allows you to add questions to this quiz.

  • Drag and drop any of the available questions into your quiz
  • If there are no questions available, click the button at the bottom of the page to add some. See also: Adding Questions.


Here are some of the most important settings:

  • Associated Course: Make sure this is set to the correct course.
  • Associated Lesson: This is often the final lesson, so the course ends with a quiz. However, you can also have quizzes at any point of the course.
  • Passing score: Set this to a number 1-100, depending on what learners need in order to proceed to the next step of the course. Many courses choose 0, allowing the learner to make mistakes but still proceed through the course. If a learner doesn’t meet the passing score, they cannot proceed through the course; they have to take the quiz again until they pass.
  • Quiz Certificate: If the learner should achieve a certificate by passing this quiz, choose it here. See also: All About Certificates
  • There are several other options here which are rarely used except for one: Display result position: This is commonly switched to “Display results after each submitted answer” so that the learners get feedback on their answers after each question, rather than at the end.

Remember to test the quiz on the front end.