Selling Your Course on Community Heart

Instructors on Community Heart are able to monetise their courses.

This means you can sell your courses for a profit to help sustain your organisation. For example, you could:

  • Sell a popular course as a method of fundraising,
  • Sell your course to those outside your organisation, but manually enrol your volunteers so they can access it without payment,
  • Recoup the cost of course development and maintenance.

There are two ways to arrange this:

1. Take Payment Yourself

In this scenario, you charge a fee for the course, and take the payment yourself. This might be via your own website or similar, with a payment gateway.

  • When Creating a Course, go to the Settings tab.
  • Under “Access Mode” choose “Closed”.
  • Set the “Course Price”
  • In the “Course Enrollment URL”, paste the link to your payment gateway.

Note: Once a user has paid, you will need to manually add the learner to your course.

Course edit page > Settings tab
Set Access Mode to “Closed”, put in the price of the course, and paste in the URL to your own payment gateway.
  • Pros: Payments are managed by your organisation directly
  • Cons: The learner must wait for you to process the payment before getting access.

If you prefer an automated solution, consider option 2:

2. Take Payment via Community Heart

In this scenario, you charge a fee for the course which is processed by Community Heart. The learner gets access immediately after making payment. To set this up:

  • When Creating a Course, go to the Settings tab.
  • Under “Access Mode” choose “Closed”.
  • Set the “Course Price”
  • Leave the “Course Enrollment URL” field blank, and click the “Update” button.

When you click “Update”, a new product is created in the Community Heart shop. It uses the content from your Course overview page to create the product. When a learner purchases this product, they gain access to the your course.

Note: Instructors keep 80% of the course fee. The remaining 20% covers the the transaction fees and payment gateway maintenance.

  • Pros: The learner gains access to the course immediately on payment. Perfect for organisations that do not have a method to take payments themselves.
  • Cons: Instructors keep 80% of the course fee – so factor this in to your pricing.

Note: Instructors cannot delete products directly. Please contact Community Heart to do so.

Course edit page > Settings
Change the Course Access Mode to “Closed” and set your price.
Click Update and your product URL will be automatically generated.
The course product URL is now visible here.
A course product tile is automatically generated for the Community Heart shop
The content for the course product is automatically populated from your Course material.