On this page the following definitions are used:

  • Learner = users who use for the purpose of learning
  • Author = users who use for the purpose of hosting their learning material
  • Learning material = the content that makes up a course on


Information about learners using the Community Heart website ( is accessible by both the author of the learning material and Community Heart representatives for the purpose of administration and learning support.

Community Heart representatives will not contact learners directly for the purpose of advertising, nor does it sell the information about learners to third parties.


Community Heart endeavours to keep all information stored on the website safe and secure, using a valid security certificate for the website, a secure login system, and other good practice security measures.

The learning material on this website is the exclusive intellectual property of the author. The author owns all copyright and other proprietary rights relating to the learning material.

The author is obliged to keep the learning material current as far as is reasonably possible.

Community Heart may withdraw any learning material where it is considered objectionable, offensive, not current, defamatory, malicious, or otherwise unsatisfactory at the sole discretion of Community Heart.

Community Heart owns all copyright and other proprietary rights relating to the learning management platform


Support for the learning material is provided by the author of that material. Contact details are included within the learning material.

Community Heart does not typically provide support directly to learners of the except as it relates to use and functionality of the website itself. Community Heart supports authors to support their own learners so as to establish and maintain the relationship between author and learner.