What is H5P?

H5P is a tool that allows you to create a different kind of activity for your learners. Rather than using the more formal Community Heart quizzes, H5P activities can be fun, engaging, and in the middle of lessons.

There is a website that shows you the range of activities that you can make with H5P, at www.h5p.org. They also have tutorials about creating activities, so we won’t repeat that here.

In the H5P menu on Community Heart, you will be able to see and edit your H5P activities.

Adding an H5P Activity to Your Course

After creating an H5P activity, a box appears on the right – like this:

Copy the shortcode and paste it into your lesson or topic where you want it to appear. In the example above, we copy/paste this bit:

[h5p id="551"]

When the lesson or topic is viewed on the front end, the activity will be visible!