Creating a Lesson

Lessons are the pages that learners see when working through a course.

Name and Save

When creating lessons using the Course Builder, save the course before editing the lessons. Then hover over the lesson and click “Edit” to open the lesson.

You can also find all your lessons by going to “Lessons” on the left-hand menu.

Adding Lesson Content

You can add content here just as you did when creating a course. The text editor shows the material nearly exactly as learners would see it.

Try to make sure lessons are not “walls of text”. That’s not a good learning experience. Use short chunks of text, headings, images, videos and audio to make the material more digestible for the learner.

There is a separate cheat sheet for adding special formatting to content in courses, lessons, topics and activities. See the cheat sheet.

Update and View

After adding your content, click the blue “Update” button. A confirmation will appear; click “View Lesson” to see the lesson as a learner would see it. This helps you spot any errors.

We suggest you open “View Lesson” in a new tab so you can have the instructor view and the learner view open at the same time. When you save edits to your lesson, just reload the learner view tab to see the changes reflected.

Delete a Lesson

Sometimes lessons become redundant, especially when you’re still in the process of building a course. Use the red “Move to Trash” link to delete a lesson.