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The aim of this module is to promote wellness and self-care throughout the sector.

This module will examine ways to move stress from being overwhelming to helpful, by making small but important changes in the way we think about and manage our stress.

These techniques are useful for you in your own life, but also in your role as a Financial Mentor as you support your clients to work through stressful moments.

Learning objectives

At the completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand stress and how its effects impact on you
  • identify your stress indicators and how these present physically or psychologically
  • manage your stress by creating stress reducing strategies.

About the Instructors

FinCap offers support to all budgeting and financial capability services in New Zealand, providing them with all the resources they need to help clients safely & confidentially.
3.7 3 Reviews


by Barbara Solomon 16 February 2022

I found this module helpful for me to process stress I have recently been through. I realised I was stuck and need to ask for help to move on.

by Lyn Hughes 15 December 2021

I found this module really invigorating in that it made me think on stressors that I find myself in the course of life!
Thanks for the opportunity to stop and cogitate…

by Irene Te Maari 6 January 2021

The online delivery is a good starting point- nice to see that it is a face 2 face one too. Maybe development in this area about continuing with some of the strategies ie homework to be accounted for – journalling?