Your learners will sometimes contact you describing a problem.

You are responsible for your learning material

The learning material you upload to Community Heart is yours. That means if there’s a problem with the material (eg a learner tells you something is out-of-date, or there’s a typo) it’s your responsibility to fix it.

Basic learner problems

Because you have the relationship with the learner, they will usually contact you first. Even if it appears as a technical problem, you will often be able to help the learner directly. These are the most likely problems learners will contact you about:

  • I can’t remember my password! Use the “Lost your password” link at the bottom of the sign in box to be sent a password recovery link.
  • I don’t get the password reset email! Check your junk / spam folders. The email was definitely sent. If the learner is resolute, ask them what they would like their password to be and email it to Community Heart (see section below).
  • The page looks weird / something isn’t displaying properly. Press Ctrl and R at the same time to reload the page. This fixes a remarkable number of issues.

Technical questions from learners

When a learner asks a question you can’t solve, you can forward it to Community Heart. Use the email address While we respond as fast as we can, it might take a couple of days for a reply. In this situation, chances are we will send the response to you, so you can forward it to the learner. This keeps the relationship between you and the learner.


In the process of adding and administering your courses, you will have questions. Questions are welcome!

Email We will reply as soon as possible, but sometimes it will take a couple of days.