Questions are the building blocks of activities.

Types of answers

There are 8 answer types:

  1. Single choice (ie only one correct answer)
  2. Multiple choice (ie more than one correct answer)
  3. “Free” choice (ie learner writes a word/phrase)
  4. “Sorting” choice (ie put the things in order)
  5. “Matrix Sorting” choice (ie match the things with a word/phrase)
  6. Fill in the blank (ie learner types a missing word/phrase into a sentence / paragraph)
  7. Assessment (ie rank choices 1-5 or similar)
  8. Essay / Open Answer (either upload a document or type an essay answer)


The system details the way to identify the correct / incorrect answers, depending on your choice of answer type.

There are some standard fields:

  • Message with the correct answer (optional): By default a correct / incorrect answer just says “correct” or “incorrect”. However you can add explanatory text so the learner gets more from the result. You can also set the same explanation to show for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • Hint (optional): if activated, a button that says “Hint” will appear under the answer choices, and can give the learner further clues. Reports will show whether the hint button was used.
  • Points (required): defaults to 1. Sometimes your questions will be worth more than others, so you can use this area to weigh them accordingly. You might also have more than one possible correct answer, but some are better The better answers might earn the learner more points.

Marking essays

Go to Your Courses > Activities > Submitted Essays. This will show you any submitted essay answers. Click them to open and grade the essay.

Marking assignments

Go to Your Courses > Assignments and you will see any assignments that have been uploaded. Click them to open / download the assignment, and grade it.