Continue the Course Later

Many courses are longer than you can complete in one go. That’s fine – you can complete the course as your time allows!

The next time you log in you’ll see a page like this:

Your Learning page showing the "Resume your learning" button

If you click the “Resume your learning” button, you’ll go back to where you left off.

You can also use the left-hand menu to go to the “Your learning” page. When you’re outside of a course you’ll see a left-hand menu which includes “Your Learning”. It looks like this by default:

Left-hand menu showing "Your Learning"

And it looks like this when expanded:

An expanded left-hand menu showing "Your Learning"


This page has a list of all the courses you’re taking, an indication of your progress, and you can click on any of them to continue learning. It will look something like this:

Key message: You can leave a course at any time, and then pick up your progress later.