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This module sets out to begin the familiarisation process of working in Māori settings with reference to the appropriate language and customs to facilitate this.

It has been prepared to ensure that our people at Victim Support develop an understanding of core tikanga Māori primarily to equip them with knowledge they will find useful when they attend hui or wānanga in a Māori setting such as on a marae.

Learners will be provided with a suite of waiata and karakia and familiarity with these will enable learners to conduct themselves with fledgling confidence and competence in terms of what to say and how to behave in typical Māori settings.

About this learning module

Contained within this tikanga module are basic language examples drawn from a variety of Māori sources to familiarise the learner with the appropriate words and phrases to use in predictable Māori situations. These will serve to begin the process of accumulating knowledge for a wider frame of reference, to include more waiata, karakia, conversational topics, words which when used in Māori settings can be mutually understood in context and whakatauki as a window to learning about broader cultural informants.

This is very much an introduction to tikanga Māori and learners are strongly encouraged to use the information contained in this offering as a foundation for garnering and adding additional knowledge to meet more varied setting requirements such as tangihanga, unvelings, and special focus hui or wānanga.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Show respect for the Māori language and people by attempting to pronounce Māori words correctly
  • Greet someone in te reo Māori
  • Recognise key phrases
  • Follow the basic steps of a pōwhiri
  • Explain the importance of a pepeha
  • Write an email with a Māori greeting and farewell
  • Summarise tikanga that may apply to a particular setting

About the Instructors

Victim Support is an independent incorporated society with a National Office based in Police National Headquarters, Wellington. Primarily located in police stations, 61 local offices around Aotearoa New Zealand support strong local teams nationwide.


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