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Most of our clients need support and guidance with debt solutions and consumer Issues. Problem debt can be very concerning for the client and financial mentor. This course explores the legal avenues of problem debt and action that can be taken by financial mentors to support clients.

Aim of Module

To understand the options available for financial mentors to address consumer issues that contribute to client’s debt and hardship.

To keep current with law changes and corresponding resources.

Who is this course for?

Financial mentors who would like to:

  • extend their knowledge of consumer protection
  • extend their skills and ability to work with dispute resolution schemes
  • advocate for their client’s rights; and
  • negotiate with creditors to ensure the law has been followed and clients are not disadvantaged through unfair or illegal practices.

What will you learn?

At the completion of this course you will have explored:

  • consumer protection legislation
  • options and steps to take to address unfair or illegal practices
  • dispute resolution schemes and processes.

Throughout this course you will be able to download some resources, current as at May 2022 and directions where to find further helpful resources.

Module Timeframe

It is expected that this course will take five to six hours to complete.

This material from FinCap is not exhaustive and is not intended to be legal advice or legally binding. It was drafted to the best of our knowledge at August 2022 from official websites and information released from government and supporting organisations.

About the Instructors

FinCap offers support to all budgeting and financial capability services in New Zealand, providing them with all the resources they need to help clients safely & confidentially.


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