Retail Volunteer Orientation

Aim of Retail Volunteer Orientation: We want all our volunteers to enjoy and learn from high quality, relevant and engaging...

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Last updated 3 April 2024

Aim of Retail Volunteer Orientation:

We want all our volunteers to enjoy and learn from high quality, relevant and engaging online training to support your development as committed and capable members of the Mary Potter Hospice retail team. Our volunteers must be informed, prepared and empowered to confidently and enthusiastically start their role.

Online Orientation is the first part of a productive volunteer training programme – on the job training will be lead by your Retail Manager who is your team leader.

Who is it for?

All retail volunteers who are new to Mary Potter Hospice as well as existing volunteers who may wish to undergo refresher training on specific topics.

What will you learn?

At the completion of Online Orientation you will have explored:

  • our history, vision and values
  • our services and who we support
  • health, safety and well being
  • how your own role is vital to our purpose.

You will also be guided to some additional online resources to use.

We invite you to reflect on how each session is relevant to your own mahi. Lots of information will be shared, so please take notes if that helps you to remember key points and please take some time to reflect on your learning after each session.

Course Timeframe

It is expected that Online Orientation will take approximately one and a half hours to complete.

This can be done in one sitting however you may choose to self-pace your learning and break it up over several sessions to fit better with your own life commitments. You can begin and resume Online Orientation at any time.

We request that you complete the Online course before attending a face to face session when the information will be discussed and expanded on, and you will be able to ask any questions that have arisen during your online learning. This is a fantastic and fun opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to connect with other volunteers and visit the In Patient Unit in Newtown.

The Volunteer Services Team will let you know when the next face to face session will be held.

Thank you for gifting your time and talents to Mary Potter Hospice.



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Online Orientation for Mary Potter Hospice volunteers has been created by staff and volunteers from different Hospice teams, led by the Volunteer Services Team. The learning material is original and each topic is presented in a unique way to help volunteers remain engaged and interested throughout their online learning experience.