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In the Financial Mentor Introductory Course (FMIC) we have already seen that we will face ethical dilemmas in our work. We also know that we need to work to listen, to speak more effectively, and that we must consider the needs of people of different cultural or family backgrounds.

These are skills we will need again in this module as we learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts – usually with creditors but the skills we learn can be applied to personal relationships as well.

As well, we take some time to think about looking after ourselves and making sure we do not become burnt out and stressed by our work as mentors.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the aim of negotiation
  • Follow steps towards successful negotiation
  • Use effective communication strategies
  • Recognise cultural differences affecting negotiation


Hapatia te ara tikapumau ai te rangatiratanga mo nga uri whakatipu

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth to future generations

About the Instructors

FinCap offers support to all budgeting and financial capability services in New Zealand, providing them with all the resources they need to help clients safely & confidentially.
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by Sandy Fage 8 November 2020

An enjoyable refresher, good for new FM’s to, thanks

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by Terrimarie Valvoi 6 May 2022

Very interesting course, Was good to learn different skills.

by Jo Riley 3 September 2021

I really enjoyed this course, great learning! A good reminder about sensitivity to cultural differences. I learned things I didn’t know and refreshed on past learnings. Well done.

by Theo Duyvestyn 2 September 2021

good interactive questions and enjoyed the videos accentuating a point or giving examples.

by Carolyn Meihana 21 January 2021

A good reminder that I am on the correct path enjoyed Rocky’s videos .

by Irene Te Maari 7 January 2021

Best module so far, due to variety of activity in it. It helps me refresh and retrain and retain. Can I ask why the comparisons used were European and Pasifika?