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The Financial Mentoring Introductory Course is for new financial mentors to be trained in the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective financial mentor to serve the community.

This is module five.

Aim of Module

The aim of this module is to help you develop a greater understanding in how to use budget worksheets and debt schedules, to help a client understand their financial position.  You will also be introduced to the client lifecycle and what might be expected in the initial steps.

What will you learn?

At the completion of this module you will understand:

  • the typical client lifecycle
  • what information must be obtained from clients and how it should be recorded
  • how to analyse a client’s financial position:
    • income and expenses
    • debts and arrears
    • immediate financial problems.

Module Timeframe

It is expected that this module will take three to fours hours to complete.   If you have any questions regarding the content of this module or the course, please contact your tutor.

Module Prerequisites and resources

Prior to starting this module, you must have:

Completed the following modules and their associated Assignment questions.  You must have had your Assignment questions marked by your course tutor (and completed any follow up actions) prior to moving onto the next module:

  • “Module 1 – All About Financial Mentoring”
  • “Module 2 – Understanding Clients”
  • “Module 3 – Financial Mentoring Tools”
  • “Module 4 – Strengths-based Approach”


About the Instructors

FinCap offers support to all budgeting and financial capability services in New Zealand, providing them with all the resources they need to help clients safely & confidentially.


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