Financial Capability Coaching Course Module 1: All About Financial Coaching

Welcome to the Financial Capability Coaching Course. The Financial Capability Coaching Course is for people to be trained in the...

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Last updated 3 April 2024

Welcome to the Financial Capability Coaching Course.

The Financial Capability Coaching Course is for people to be trained in the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective financial capability coach to serve the community.

This is module one.

Aim of Module

This initial module is designed to introduce you to key elements of the FCC course, set the scene and expectations for later modules, and to provide an overview of the environment that you as a financial mentor or coach will operate in.

What will you learn?

At the completion of this module, you should understand:

  • financial coaching: what we do, why and how we do it
  • the importance of, and how to establish relationships
  • the structure of the course, and what is expected of you
  • the budgeting skills and philosophies needed by a financial coach, and what resources we have available to help
  • the strength-based approach we use in delivering our services
  • the structure and role of FinCap – the National organisation that supports the local budgeting services
  • the legal and ethical obligations of a financial mentor or coach.  The important laws and rules that apply to us all.

Module Timeframe

It is expected that this module will take three to five hours to complete depending on your individual pace and which topics you find challenging. If you have any questions regarding the content of this module or the course, please contact your tutor.

Module Prerequisites and resources

Prior to starting this module, you must have been formally accepted into the programme and completed the course pre-requisites. Check with your manager to see if this has been completed and sent to FinCap.


Once you have completed this module you will need to complete the module assignment. This is a separate document with questions and activities related to the module that you have just completed. This will help ensure that you have understood the material presented in the module. This must be uploaded for your facilitator for marking as part of your overall course assessment. You can download this assignment from the last screen in the course.


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