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How does Community Heart work?

As you take on the role of learner to work through this demonstration course, you will see lessons featuring:

  1. Images
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Informal activities
  5. Knowledge checks

It will be particularly useful for L&D managers who are thinking of using the Community Heart platform to host their own learning material.

Community Heart is flexible and easy-to-use.

Go the Course Material tab and click on the first lesson to get started.

About the Instructors

This course is from the team at Community Heart, the creators of this platform!
4.5 4 Reviews


by Benita Bullivant 21 February 2021

I thought this was a great practice introduction for those of us who maybe still getting used to using a computer again from recovery of being unwell or have certain disabilities.

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by Geraldine Muru 7 January 2021

Good course to get you familiar with how this online learning works before you start taking the other courses

by Kathryn Burton 30 August 2020

Awesome introduction but I’m pretty sure there is no pink in the rainbow.

by Angela Saunders 26 August 2020

Good practice course to get us started. I was taught it was violet not pink in a rainbow LOL