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Microsoft Excel allows you to create spreadsheets which will save you time and allow you to work more efficiently.

To make the most of Excel you need some basic skills, such as using formula, filters, and formatting.

This course will teach you those skills and more, starting from the very beginning and assuming you have never used Excel before.

It is ideal for people preparing budgets, cashflow forecasts, and those preparing reports such as Annual Reports or funding applications.

Why take this course?

Knowing your way around Excel will allow you to:

  • Save time with calculations
  • Repeat and extrapolate information
  • Visualise information

What will you learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Find your way around the Excel program
  • Enter and manipulate information
  • Share your data with others


In this course we will assume you’re using a Windows computer. You will need Excel on your computer, so you can follow along.

Our examples are based on Excel 2016.

About the Instructors

This course is from the team at Community Heart, the creators of this platform!
4.8 12 Reviews


by Leanne Carter 22 April 2021

A well designed course for basic learning and a refresher for those who know a little of Excel – well worth doing. I have made changes already on a couple of excel sheets I’m using to make things easier!

One person found this helpful
by Sharon Grant 20 April 2021

This is a great basic course for beginners. An excellent refresher for those who might have forgotten.
The course is gently paced and provides plenty of opportunities to replay the accompanying training videos.

One person found this helpful
by Irene Te Maari 16 February 2022

Good refresher. Might be good for novices to practice each point several times over a period of time.

by Lyn Hughes 5 October 2021

What an excellent learning course this is – even if you’re a seasoned user of the programme I’m guessing. As a real newbie I found this easy to follow the progressions and I feel that I’ve gained a lot of confidence to follow through with more use of a programme that’s sat on my computer not even used up until now!! A nicely paced build- up of skills and knowledge. I really enjoyed it too thanks.

by Adelle Turuwhenua 24 September 2021

I already had a basic understanding of excel but this really refreshed a lot skills I had forgotten! Simple and easy to follow. I would recommend to anyone.

by Jo Riley 3 September 2021

This is a great course for a beginner. Well worth the time. Easy to follow and to practice new skills.

by Simon Collins 9 July 2021

Really helpful thanks!

by cynthia luca 30 June 2021

Great to be able to work at your own pace, with the flexibility to continue with your work a week or so later – if needed. Well structured, easy to follow.
Basic refresher course but also learnt new info re. filtering information. Thanks

by Hope Hodgetts 2 June 2021

This course is great for Excel beginners

by Adrienne Gallie 23 April 2021

This course is so easy to follow. Very patient trainer on video and in windows under each heading. Excellent as both a beginner course and a reminder and upskilling for those who have forgotten little tips. Well done.