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In this module you will learn about the disciplinary differences between coaching and mentoring.

When we fully understand the differences between mentoring and coaching, we are able to distinguish between a learning need which may be addressed by an internal colleague skilled in mentoring, and an issue which is performance-related.

Aims of this module

  • To provide an applied understanding of the coaching and mentoring disciplines,
  • Demonstrate how to differentiate between the two,
  • To act as an introduction to further learning on this subject matter.

There will be an additional suite of allied learning modules which will be based around how to prepare a contract for mentoring and for coaching, what due diligence might be required to choose a Mentor or a Coach, and the process of review for such contracts.

About the Instructors

Victim Support is an independent incorporated society with a National Office based in Police National Headquarters, Wellington. Primarily located in police stations, 61 local offices around Aotearoa New Zealand support strong local teams nationwide.


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