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Welcome to the Client Voices training course. This course will help you understand and use Client Voices our client management system.

An introductory course for financial mentors using Client Voices. This course takes learners through all parts of Client Voices that financial mentors are expected to use. Ideal for inducting new staff, but also great refresher course for staff who are already using Client Voices.

In this course you will see:


These are some exercises you can do so you can practice using the elements of client voices.


Important facts

These boxes contain important facts for you to remember.


In the revision pages you will get to revise the information to help you on your learning journey.

Module Timeframe

It is expected that each module will take approximately one hour to complete. That is 11 hours to complete the whole course.

We hope you enjoy your training.

Course Material

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - My profile
Module 3 - Adding a new client
Module 4 - The client case
Module 5 - Sessions
Module 6 - The budget worksheet
Module 7 - Debt Schedule
Module 8 - The alternative budget
Module 9 - Close the case
Module 10 - Appointments
Module 11 - Community Education

About the Instructors

FinCap offers support to all budgeting and financial capability services in New Zealand, providing them with all the resources they need to help clients safely & confidentially.
4.8 6 Reviews


by Rozanne Jensen 1 November 2021

Fantastic basic course, I think this would be great to be part of the induction for all new financial mentors. Gives you a good overview of client voices and then being able to do the work in the demo site is a great addition.

2 people found this helpful
by Marcel Vickers 22 October 2021

I’m fairly confident using client voices but still a good reminder. Would have been great to do when I started as a financial mentor.

2 people found this helpful
by Cherie Duncan 12 October 2021

Great course, I found I am confident mostly using Client voices but was great encase I had missed parts of the online app or new features had been added.

2 people found this helpful
by Carolyn Meihana 3 November 2021

Excellent course

One person found this helpful
by Lyn Hughes 3 December 2021

This extensive and quite thorough course allowed me (as a practising Financial Mentor) to review the use of Client Voices 2.
I was able to follow this course closely and found several pointers that will prove more useful as I go along. Some good pointers on how to do things more correctly and the pertinent reasons why they need to be done a certain way – i. e. the implications were explained.
One bugbear for me was the spelling and grammar mistakes scattered throughout the course. I expected the course to read more succinctly.
A useful tool overall that is probably more useful for those in practice particularly since there’s a lot to take in. Some of the explanations are a bit convoluted and in the Debt Schedule I would expect that the creditor named as Baycorp (a wellknown NZ debt collection agency) would’ve been marked as “included in Debt Collection” further down the page.
Worth doing thank you.

by Tina Rupuha-Green 5 November 2021

Awesome course, I think this would be great to be part of the induction for new financial mentors coming through. It gives you a good overview of client voices and being able to do the work in the demo site is a great addition. Found it very helpful.