When creating a course, you can set the Course Access Settings. These settings determine who can take the course, so it’s important to get them right.

  • Open: The course is not protected. Any user can access its content without the need to be logged-in or enrolled. Essentially this is the same as having your material on a public website.
  • Free: The course is protected. Registration and enrolment are required in order to access the content. Anyone who registers on Community Heart can access this course, not just people in your learning group. This is the most common choice for Community Heart courses.
    • Learners only appear in your course report if they are part of your group.
    • A learner who takes one of your courses does not automatically become part of your group.
  • Closed: The course can only be accessed through admin enrolment, group enrolment, or integration. Use this for any courses that requires payment or is restricted in some way.