Community Heart is a learning management system for the New Zealand community sector.
It is a shared platform that takes away the technology headache.

A learning management system is a website where people can learn something.

But unlike a regular website, a learning management system is specifically built around learning, with content that is carefully curated and structured for learning. 

Community Heart is an LMS that does the basics very well so that you can focus on things that really matter. 

A shared platform means that all the course authors are using the same website; the same tools. 

Course authors choose whether their course should be available to anyone who uses this site, or just a select group of people.

Community Heart means that community organisations don’t need to re-invent the wheel themselves by creating their own online learning website. 

By building it once – and building it well – maintenance and improvements are streamlined, and costs are reduced for everyone

Community Heart was built specifically for the community sector. Most course authors on Community Heart are community organisations. 

However, in some cases organisations from outside the community sector have learning material that would greatly benefit people who work in the community sector. In those cases we may allow other organisations to host material on Community Heart, too. 

Organisations that host courses on Community Heart get:

  • Unlimited courses and unlimited learners
  • Full control and ownership of your course material
  • Full management of your learners

There is a full description of the features below. 

Clean and simple

We have found that the community sector responds well to things that are clean and simple. 

For the learner, that means that it’s easy to sign up, find a course, and start learning. The picture shows a 10 year old testing this website to make sure it’s easy to use.

For the course author, it means that creating and maintaining courses is straightforward – while still having the tools you need to teach effectively.

Unlimited Courses

A “course” is a programme of structured learning with clear learning objectives.

Community Heart allows you to have as many courses as you need.

Manage the courses yourself using the admin area. 

Your courses remain your own intellectual property.


Quiz questions and assignments allow you to formally measure learner understanding.

Use our built-in activity formats or embed rich interactive HTML5 content via H5P.


Detailed reporting on a course-level and user-level.

National organisations can see reports for all learners under your umbrella, while local office managers can see reports for their learners only. 

What we're all about

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

At Community Heart we aim to make online learning available to the community sector at an affordable price.

The name “Community Heart” reflects that NGOs are at the heart of the community – and that volunteers are the heart of those organisations.


Online learning platforms can be expensive. We’re sick of it, too.

Community Heart is built for the community sector – so we have charity budgets in mind.

For smaller organisations

Operating expenditure under $1 million
$ 3,000 annually
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited learners
  • Unlimited activities
  • Detailed reporting
  • Custom page for your organisation

For larger organisations

Operating expenditure over $1 million
$ 4,995 anually
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited learners
  • Unlimited activities
  • Detailed reporting
  • Custom page for your organisation

Depending on availability, our Community Heart staff can transform your face-to-face learning material into online learning. Alternatively, we can connect you with other instructional designers who work with community organisations. Get in touch to discuss pricing.

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