The easiest way to lay out your course is the course Builder.

Click “New Lesson” and type the title of a lesson . The titles can be changed later.

Once you have a few lessons, you can re-order them if you wish.

If you wish, you can add section headings. These are text only, but sometimes help break up the list of lessons into manageable chunks, like this:

You can add new topics or activities as well.

Save or publish your course at this point.

Note: Save your course after laying out the lessons / topics / activities, and before you edit them. This makes sure the lessons (etc) are correctly assigned to the course.

To add content to the lessons, move your mouse over the lesson and click “Edit”.

Tip: Open your lesson in a new tab (Ctrl + click or Right-click > Open in a new tab). This makes is usually easier to quickly update content while you’re building your course.

Publish and view

At any time, you may wish to save or publish your course.

  • Save = save your progress, but it is not visible to learners
  • Publish = the course is now visible to learners
  • Update = once the course has been published, update will make changes visible to learners.

Once the course has been published, a link confirmation displays. Always click “View” (in a new tab works well) to look at the page as a learner sees it. This helps you spot any errors.